Manning Mania or Turkey Trott

The country is eaten up with Peyton Manning and where is he going to play. Being from the AFC West I hope it isn’t Denver but it is looking more and more like number 18 will be wearing another shade of blue, with a little orange. If that happens I think the AFC West will be a very powerful force in this upcoming season. San Diego is good and you can never rule them out. The Raiders always have great athletes with tremendous speed. I think Denver and Kansas City are the closest to having playoff ready teams, particularly if you add Manning to the mix. They have a strong defense and they can run the ball very effectively. They need some receiver help but overall they are very close. The Chiefs are almost in the same position, with the exception of the offensive line. The Chiefs need to bolster the offensive line. They need a tackle along with adding quality depth to the roster. We have very good receivers and with Jamal Charles back, the running game with help balance the offense. In both cases, Denver and the Chiefs, the running game will be a huge factor in how well Matt Cassel and Peyton Manning play this year.

With everyone being able to attend OTA’s (off season training activities) and the ability to work out with teammates, the 2012 season should be a very exciting. Just look at how well the 2011 season was played, with limited training camps, no contact with the rookies and free agents, it was impressive. I was shocked at how well the quarterbacks played with very little time and work with their receivers. Numbers should go up again in 2012.

Either it is talking about Manning or the Spring Turkey season. Seeing how football is months away and the Spring Turkey Season is, in some southern states, just days away, so thoughts and conversations are all about Turkeys.

Just got all my gear out, checking my calls and looking at the new things on the market that a hunter can add to his or her list of gadgets. What I have found over the years is that the person who can sit the longest and pay attention will still be the most successful taking one of the 4 or 5 species of the North American Thunder Chicken (Turkey)! My advice is get a really good pad to sit on, The butt can only take so much and it makes sitting by the tree a lot easier. The hunter with the most patience will always prevail.

Thanks for reading,

The Outdoor Quarterback